Therapeutic Scrutinizing Scheme Project Specification 2011

Therapeutic Scrutinizing scheme is a versatile software solution that cuts down Reports generation time and increases quality & accuracy of the information. Margin on Item(s) / Customer(s), Sales Invoice, Batch-wise Stock Position Report, Sales Analysis Report, Customer / Supplier Enquiry, etc. can be generated at the press of a key. therapeutic scrutinizing scheme has special features like Enquiry, and Analysis with full security features. While entering Purchase bills, the bills including Purchase Rate Calculation, Sale Rate Calculation along with Taxes, Discounts etc. can be verified. Entire Stock is monitored through Batches. Expiry Dates can also be monitored. Checklist for Purchases in desired format to cross verify the purchase bills can also be generated.

It even calculates the interest loss for stock holding period and provides comprehensive view on net margins. Net Margins can be arrived for Any Item / Any Item Group or company / Any Customer / Any Supplier / Any Area etc...

The project has divided in to the following modules:
  • Administrator
  • Drug module
  • Client Module
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Scheduled Reminders.
  • Inquiry module Customer-wise, Supplier-wise, Area-wise, Salesman-wise, Item-wise
  • Reporting module
Module Description :


The administrator controls over the working of the project. The admin provides the authentication and authorization process to the employee  and approves the purchase order details of the drug.

Drug Module :

The drug details regarding the drug name, expiry date, manufacturing date and other details of the drug are updated and maintained in a centralized database.

Client Module:

The client details are maintained and updated in this module. The different types of drug will be purchased from different type of clients and the details also will be updated and monitored in this module.

Scheduled Transactions :

The purchase order of the drug and sales report and sales invoice of the drug transactions will be analyzed and updated in the database. Different type of transactions will be updated in this module.

Scheduled Reminders:

The drug used and maintained should be regularly reviewed and  verified .Frequently remainders should be set to the drug to make ensure that the stock which contains expiry date near to that should be reminded to the user to make ensure that the drug expiry details.

Inquiry module Customer-wise, Supplier-wise, Area-wise, salesman-wise:

Item wise enquiry should be taken for the drug and should be taken necessary action

Reporting Module:

Different type of reports will be generated for the drug. To get the current status of the drug details and tracking details the reporting are made and drug report, sales report, client report , stock report will be generated.

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