Customer Care Live Support Project Requirement Specification 2011

Customer Care Live Support is a Live Chat Software for live help, live support, visitor tracking, and proactive sales support for your web site. It allows Companies to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors. With no need for extra software, you can provide live help from any computer, anywhere. As a software based solution there are no additional monthly fees, service fees or per operator charges. It converts browsers into customers and delivers maximum ROI from every click-through to your e Business site.Designed to connect you with visitors on your site. Provide real human interaction at the moment when they make decision, proactively help them with more products and services. Many wonder just how effective their web site really is. How much traffic do we actually receive? Is our web site marketing working? With Customer Care Live Support, you can see who is on your site.

Customer Care Live Support this one of the Tools Software

  • Admin Module
  • Customer Module
  • Server Module
Admin Module
  • Customer Maintained
  • Customer Chat
Customer Modules
  • Visit To Visitor Chat

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