Latest Top Companies GD Topics For Placement 2011

These are some collections of GD topics which mostly asked top software companies like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, IBM etc. for your placement refer all GD topics and prepare well.

GD Topics :
  1. Current education system.
  2. Should follow western culture or not.
  3. Effect of Extra marital affairs on marriage life.
  4. Should film actors enter politics are not
  5. Remixing of old songs
  6. Rebirth.Life after death.
  7. Are spiritual leaders holy are not.
  8. Should Valentines day, Women’s day and other western culture be celebrated.
  9. Future of IT industry in India.Population explosion.
  10. Is movies fans association necessary?.
  11. Indian cricket team is consistent or not.
  12. IT should be necessary in rural area or not.
  13. Advantage & disadvantages of Outsourcing.
  14. India & Pakistan matches are passion or not.
  15. Brain Drain.Beauty Pea gent should be conducted or not.
  16. Communication Skills is it necessary.
  17. Exam Has Killed the Education system.
  18. Border less World: A Dream Or Reality.
  19. Quality Is A Myth In India.Success
  20. In Human Relations.
  21. Sports Of India.
  22. Sonia Gandhi as our PM.
  23. Leaders ,Born or Made.
  24. Is Internet suitable for Youngsters?.
  25. Is MBA necessary.
  26. Betting in cricket should legalized or not.
  27. Should chatting through Internet be banned in IT industry.
  28. Metro train in Bangalore advantages and disadvantages.
  29. Sania Mirza a sportswomen or a model.
  30. China a threat or an opportunity.
  31. Should sex education taught in schools.
  32. Open Source v/s Microsoft.Should Youth indulge in Politics?.
  33. Mallika Sherwat a role model.
  34. Women managers are better than Men managers.
  35. Should smoking be banned in movies?
  36. IT sector captivating younger generation from entering into new fields.
  37. Indian Corporates should follow Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.
  38. OBC reservation –Boon or Bane.IITs and IIMs in every state of India.

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