Problem Statement,Objective,Scope And Existing System - Project Specification 2011

Problem Statement:

Document indexing is a tedious process because if the document contains thousands ofpages the writer should spend time on indexing alone and the writer cannot involve in any otheractivities of document writing. Thus manually indexing the document is definitely a waste of time,energy and money.


The objective is to totally avoid the manual effort for indexing and it provides an easyway to the writer to index the document automatically. Thus this leads to the creation of an addon toopen office writer 3.2 applications which automatically index the document or book.

Existing System:

In the existing concept of indexing the author have to make entries of the words to beindexed in a particular book and need to create an index table. The present algorithms in indexingtechnique in open office writer 3.2 make the writer to index particular words manually. This makes theuser to access the particular data which he wants. Manual indexing becomes a tedious job when thedocument goes very large.

Proposed System:

Automatic document indexing in open office writer 3.2 reduces the manual effort of theuser for indexing the document. In the proposed concept of indexing the author can just click the add-on button “Auto Index” which automatically searches and fixes words for indexing the document or book.

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