Abstract - Business Integration System and Maintenance Project Specification 2011

The developed system is entitled “Business Integration System and Maintenance”, which is used to automate the internal works of an office through intranet application. The internal works of an office such as Visitor Register, Leave Register, Meeting Register, Telephone Register, In/Out Register and Inward/Outward Register are effectively maintained by the system. The system has the ability to generate various kinds of reports according to category wise. Also the system gives a dynamic report for the logged persons at current time. Even though the system is running in online, it gives full security to data in the database. The underlying architecture of the system is Java, so the system itself becomes a platform independent one. As the system developed in production environment with framework concept, the system becomes bug free one and easy to enhance in the future. The framework separates business logic from the presentation logic. So, one can easily modify or update the presentation tier without known of business tier and vice-versa. Due to usage of light weight components, the system will response quickly even though in a high traffic network. The system developed with high security. So, one can use the system except authorized persons. The administrator has the full control over the system. The internal works of an office is integrated through the developed system.

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