Dataset, Result Merger And Graph Module Specification For Project 2011

Dataset Manipulation

Performing insert, delete, update and select operation in our project through mysql database.Multi tables have been used in the systems, the dataset creation can be used to create tables .In dataset creation the tables for employees and students and their personal details have been created. Multiple tables are used for the map reduce styles.


Queries are divided into sub queries and each subqueries are allocated to individual processor.Coordinator is the responsible for the splitting of queries and the merging of the extracted result from the query splitting.Coordinator monitors both the query transformer and the result merger.

Query Transformer

Subqueries are allocated to relevant processors and the subqueries are evaluated in their processor.Query transformers makes the query into sub queries.The sub queries are allocated to the individual processors to evaluate the queries.

Result Merger

The result from the subqueries are joined to form the expected results.The evaluated queries are retrieved from databases.The values are retrieved and values merged to get the merged result.

Graph (Performance Comparision)

The final outcome will be displayed. Perfomance comparision between existing and proposed system will be displayed graphically.

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