How to Evaluate Software Components 2011

These are the some methods and procedure to evaluate any type of software related components in software or hardware industry. These evaluation mainly focus on how to integrate software components in different industry. The Evaluation process take more time to adapt all software components in the industry. The Evaluation Process are follows.
  • Main program to control all sub-routines.
  • Structured software development to partition an application into modules with respect to functional requirements in 1970s. Eg libraries
  • Moved to object oriented approach in 1980s, which led to reuse of class libraries.
  • Large companies launched enterprise oriented software reuse projects to develop domain
  • Specific business using OO technology in 1990s
  • OMG developed CORBA, main goal was to provide/support common reusable objects that may interact with each other over a network, without concerning programming languages used, OS, HW platform, comm. Protocols, etc.Sun’s EJBMS’s COM (ActiveX, COM+, .Net)

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