Functional Requirement Analysis - Example Project 2011

Functional Requirement Analysis


An index is a system used for finding information easier. Indexing is a process ofidentifying the keywords in the document and listing the keywords at the end of the document whichmakes the user to traverse the document efficiently.

How to index:

Indexing a document requires analysis of various technical keywords of differentdomains in various industries. The analyzed collection of keywords of different domains of variousindustries is made as a list and it is named as index list file. The document to be indexed is indexed bycomparing the index list file.

How to search the index:

Each collected keyword in the index list file is compared with the document to beindexed. For instance if anyone of the keywords matches with the any one of the words in thedocument to be indexed, the occurrence of that keyword in the document is analyzed and theoccurrence value is compared with the threshold value. If the occurrence value of the keyword is eitherequal to or greater than the threshold value then the whole occurrence of the keyword is uniquely addressed.

How to classify the index entry:

The addressed keyword is analyzed with their respective page numbers and it is indexedvirtually. The same process is done for finding the keywords in the document. After finding all thekeywords with their respective page numbers it is sorted in alphabetically and indexed at the end of thedocument.


The language chosen for the project is English. The English language is a most commonlanguage used worldwide which makes the project to be used worldwide.

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