Non Functional Requirements - Example Project 2011

Data collection:

The major part of the project is data collection because identifying the keywords is notan easy task. The efficiency of this project depends on the words collection thus data collection plays an important role in this project. The keywords are analyzed from various domains of differentindustries and the important terms are collected and made as a list. This list is named as index list. Theindex list contains keywords of various domains such as software, hardware, internet, etc.,

Data filtration:

The collected keywords form various domains are analyzed and the most important terms are filtered using an experimental strategy. The words with two or less than two characterscannot be a keyword and thus these words are eliminated. With some exceptions like abbreviations andname of the languages like c, c++, c# etc., are included in the index list file. The words having samemeaning but different tenses like present continuous, past continuous, etc., are excluded from the indexlist file. The filtration process is an iterative process and thus filtration is done periodically andefficiency of the filtered words are tested by indexing different documents. Further filtration of thekeywords leads to appropriate selection of keywords for a particular document and thus data filtrationplays a vital role in this project.

Flexible architecture for future enhancements:

This project can be developed as component which in turn makes it portable and thus itcan be used in many platforms like Microsoft Windows versions and Linux versions also. Keenapproach of some best algorithms for filtering the keywords can put into research and the efficiency ofindexing the document can further be improved and it can be led to the way of accuracy. Beingaccurate is not enough and thus an effective algorithm which can improve the speed of the indexingprocess can also be found in the future.

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