Telemetric Solution Benefits - Module Specification 2011

Nautical Telemetries system offer several functional advantages over other products: In many cases, a Telemetries load management solution pays for itself to track details System reliability is improved by a direct, positive confirmation that a command was carried out The cellular data network coverage details will be updated and can be viewed at any time.The status reports can be generated at any time.

The project contains the below modules:
  • Module description:
Nautical Catalog:The marine details of the boat and the type of nautical frequency of different sector will be maintained and it will be tracked based on the hierarchical structure format.
  • Marine governing module
This module manages and maintains the working procedure of the marine and the boat details and tracks in a defined format.
  • Wireless network module
The   Remote Connectivity Services provides satellite communications solutions to companies that operate facilities in remote locations and frontier countries. Through the design and implementation of custom-engineered VSAT (very small aperture terminal) communications, provides network solutions in remote locations, both land and sea, where reliable telecommunications infrastructure (leased lines, Internet and dial-up services) is not readily available.
  • Report module
The status of the boat and the wireless network details, the frequency details can be viewed at any time with the help of crystal report viewer. The current status can be viewed based on the requirements of the client.

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