Objective Type of English Questions and Solved MAT Questions 2011

This suspicion is exemplified by national officer of the Transport and General Workers’ Union,who also accuses employers of often having as their real motivation, a desire to weaken collective strength. Anacademic’s view is that HRM sits uncomfortably withindustrial relations since, among other things, managers endeavorer to bypass unions to achieve their ends. But notall unions are opposed to HRM, one particularly perceptive view being that it is inevitably an acknowledgement bymanagement that workers should be more involved indecision-making. A rider to this is that it brings manager sunder greater pressure to deliver and opens them toaccusations of merely playing lip-service to the concept if they prove unhappy about being challenged. A further viewis that HRM in the United Kingdom is a pale shadow of the regimes that exist in Continental Europe, since the ‘power’offered to workers is rather illusory and allows little scopefor feedback from workers to upper echelons of management.

Questions :

The author would agree with which of the following?

(1) The individual’s value in any organisation is todayproperly recognized.

(2) The individual’s value in any organisation wasalways recognised.

(3) The individual’s value is not recognised even todayin any organisation.

(4) The individual is expected to do much less todaythan what he used to do earlier.

The success of British Airways can be attributed to ?

(1) its adaptation of human resource management principles.

(2) its superior service and timely running offlights.

(3) its consideration that its employees are combatantsin a battle, thus giving them more responsibility.

(4) Both (1) and (3).

One of the salient features of the Japanese work pattern is ?

(1) all the Japanese regard work as worship.

(2) the decisions are usually taken by the topmanagement, thus leading to success.

(3) the belief in teamwork and taking decisions byconsensus.

(4) the respect for elders and their style of working.

The trade unions oppose human resourcemanagement policies because ?

(1) if workers become more responsible the traditionalrole of unions is jeopardised.

(2) it is the tendency of the unions to oppose anythingnew.

(3) it will lead to greater interference by themanagement in union activity.

(4) None of these.

Why do some managements not allow seepingdown of responsibility?

(1) They want to take all the decisions themselves.

(2) Employees may make mistakes and hencegiving them responsibility would not be beneficial.

3) They have a basic

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