How Can You Make Your Resume Inevitably Impressive

Here are a few points that you must consider when making your resume
Follow the most current format that is accepted industry wide.Resumes can not follow the same format and needs to be updated in format (not just content) if the amount of years of experience changes. If you have a resume that was very impressive to get your first job (as a fresher), you could not just add the experiences and send it for a job if you fit in for a three year experience requirement. The format needs to change.Remember that an impressive resume with software background can not be simply modified in content to be an impressive resume that would be sent for a job with requirments in chemical background.An email is the most efficient and convenient way to reach you. If you do not have one, get one. And place it in your resume.Using a Microsoft Word attachment is more preferable than a notepad (plain text) attachment. Remember, most resumes are short listed into the second level within a couple of minutes when there are a few scores of resumes to check. To be noticed, highlight critical lines. Do not over highlight. Do not over capitalize. Do not over format. Do not make it gaudy or difficult to read.Have a Header and a Footer section. Do not forget Page Numbers. Do not forget to include your Name as a header on all pages.Include appropriate job responsibilities and highlight the areas that are important for the job you are applying for. This enables qualification for being short-listed to the next level. The first round of short-list is usually getting the inappropriate resumes out of the way. And to prove your appropriateness, do not leave out the chance of not being read when you really should be qualified.
Include your contact information. Format it differently and appropriately to stand out from the other content. You could include it in the beginning or in the end. Include your Name, Contact Address with Telephone Number and Email Address and your gender and BirthDate. Including your picture helps, not always. Use your discretion and unless specified, it will never be a minus not to include one.

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