Requirement Specification in Project - Online Project 2011

Following are the functional needs of the system.
Inputs of the application (algorithm) are the tuples that comes from various weather stations which are in different networks. The tuples consists of the weather informations like air temperature , dewpoint temperature and humidity with respect to time. The tuples are inputted to the algorithm specified.
In traditional algorithm, the join operation on the arriving tuples are not performed until the whole relation gets downloaded. After receiving the entire relations they are joined to get the resultset. The graph is plotted as per the join results. The adaptive join algorithm, starts producing join results as soon as the first input tuples arrive. Here also the graph is plotted as per the join results and the output graphs are compared for performance evaluation. The resultsets are also compared.
Result set that are generated from the input tuples. and The graphs that are plotted based on the generated result set.

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