Existing and Proposed System In Training Placement Cell Automation Project

Existing System :

The existing database management in the placement cell is by maintaining records of students in papers . This system adds difficulty to users in verifying records and it is a difficult and long task to update information . It requires the assistance of large man power to update the data. In case of viewing , a user has to run through large number of records to look in the detail of a particular student, which results in waste of time. This is a possibility of loss of data too in case of maintaining it in papers.

Proposed System:

The current system that is going to be built overcomes all the difficulties given above. The viewing of data by the student is very easy. The insertion, updating and deletion of the en tier set of data by the administrator are very easy. There is less possibility of data loss. The retrieval of data finishes in a matter of second and hence it is less time consuming and needs only limited manpower. The usage of password adds more security.

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