Latest Personal Interview Questions For Mechanical Stream 2011

These are the following questions are asked frequently in any interview process or personal interview at the mechanical stream.

1. What is PDCA cycle, how is it helpful?

2. What is line balancing...How do you balance the line

3. What are the different types of plant layout, What type of layout is used for Aeroplane/shipbuilding

4.From what will the Production planning process start/ Initial step to start the Production planningprocess

5. What is turn over of a company in simple terms?

6. What is the carbon content in stainless steel

7. What is the common name for PA66 plastic

8. What is true stress and strain? How is it different from Stress and Strain?

9. How are threads represented (internal and external)?

10. What does M stand for in M6, M8, M10... type of nuts?

11. What is the different type of milling machines?

12. What is centre less grinding?

13. What is the effect of rake angle in a machine tool...Why is negative rake angle given?

14. What is tackt time, why is it important?

15. What is Cp and Cpk. What should be their values?

16. What is value stream mapping?

17. What is activity sampling? What is the sample size used normally?

18. What are the uses of Linear programming

19. Give few examples/application Pneumatics and Hydraulics in daily life

20. What are allowances given for Core and cavity for a casting

21. What is the size of the sheet metal used for applications?

22. Who is the father of scientific management?

These Questions are most important because if you are going to attend any type of personal interview these questions really help you. make sure prepare answer for that questions before enter the interview. These is Best and Frequently asked Personal Interview questions

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